KACE SMA Benchmark Survey

Welcome to the 2022 KACE SMA Benchmark Survey.

Here at Indigo Mountain we have been running KACE related surveys for over 5 years, the KACE usage data that we have gathered during that time has provided us with a unique perspective on what functionality is used and to what depth by KACE customers.

This means that we are able to provide a set Benchmark average and then rate you, based on the answers that you give, against that Benchmark.

The survey is split into sections that can be by passed and should take no more than 15 minutes to complete.

Once you have completed your survey, we add your scores to the Benchmark Average to update our stats and then rank your answers against that Benchmark.

We also provide some specific suggestions that you may wish to consider to get more out of your SMA and put all that together in a single page report which will be emailed direct to you.

We hope you enjoy the survey.